Our Mission

Institute of Russian-Polish cooperation established with the aim of promoting comprehensive strengthening of relations between two countries: Russia and Poland. Despite the long common history, our countries still haven’t managed to develop effective and mutually beneficial partnership model. Russian-Polish relations suffer lasting misunderstanding, aggravated by the negative historical experience and false stereotypes. Modern Russia and Poland need to overcome these negative factors.

This requires the creation of a new infrastructure of bilateral relations, which will not be focused solely on the difficult issues of the past, and will create opportunities for mutually beneficial cooperation in the present and the future.

In its work the Institute is guided by the fact that the establishment of the partnership and equal dialogue between Russia and Poland is possible only on condition of formation of brand new bilateral relations. To implement this challenging but necessary task, the Institute brings together the leading Russian and Polish experts in the fields of politics, economy and humanitarian cooperation.

The experts of the Institute study modern trends of bilateral relations and offer new approaches to its development, advising public and private entities which are interested in building closer relations between Russia and Poland. One of the main goals set by the Institute is to support the strengthening of economic ties between the two countries.

The Institute is an independent non-governmental organization committed to the principles of objective analysis and expertise. The work of the Institute is based on the principals of neutrality and balance, with a common goal of strengthening Russian-Polish relationships.

We are convinced that the XXI century is the time of strategic partnership of two democratic European countries - Russia and Poland.

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